Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perception is our reality

What do employees want?  What do they need?  Hard to discern, sometimes, but if we put some thought to it, it is not really that difficult.  If we would simply look to our own past, therein lie many answers.  Have you worked for a manager that you saw to be a real leader, someone that inspired and motivated you just because of who they were, and how they treated people?  Like many, you may have experienced that manager that was more of a 'boss' than a leader- dominant, 'my way or the highway' thinking, self centered, disrespectful, or any of the many negative qualities that some think work.  Here's my best, and yet the simplest tip.  Don't become what you don't like...  Choose to be good, be insightful, to be a great leader.

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