Thursday, January 24, 2013

Employee Engagement for Success

A word that is being used a lot in business training now is 'Engagement'. What does that mean? An employee that is engaged:

  • is intellectually and emotionally committed to the organization and its goals 
  • is loyal to the organization
  • takes initiative 
  • exceeds expectations 

How engaged are the employees you serve? Polls show that as much as 60% of employees in many corporation today are less than committed to the company where they work. Lack of engagement causes a disconnect between 'want to' and 'have to'...increasing management difficulties, reducing output, creating dissatisfied customers, failure to reach organizational goals, and the loss, mentally or physically, of great employees. 

What do? 

  • ask them what motivates them, what they need. Some need more flexibility of time, others more challenging work, many the ability to be involved in the decisions that affect their jobs. 
  • learn better communication skills, so that you can clearly help them understand the relevance of their position 
  • involve them in day to day operations, allowing them to decide how things are done. 

The involved, aware, valued employee becomes more engaged, and loyal, and committed to the vision.