Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get the job...

It is possible, in our economic times, that you are one of the many that are in-between jobs.  Competition can be fierce, and being the 'one' is not always easy.

If you want to be chosen over several other candidates, you have to be different in some way.  Your skills may be similar, your experience may be similar, and there may be other static factors that equate you with the population.  What do?

First, realize that attitude is everything.  Hiring managers look not only for someone that fits the job itself, but the team as well.  Your attitude toward work, life, and even them helps them evaluate the psychological 'fit' for the team.  If they have a stable, coherent team in place, one of their major fears is that they will hire someone radically different, that will disrupt the group.  Your attitude of 'can-do', flexibility, learning aptitude, and your overall sense of work ethic will go a long way towards causing you to look better than the field.

Assess yourself...why should they hire me?  What do I have to offer that sets me apart? Do I smile enough? Do I speak to their personality? Do I radiate confidence without arrogance? 

Would I hire me?