Friday, March 25, 2011

Effective Delegation - 2 of 7

Time Management, Boosting Morale and Confidence
In this age of efficiency and execution, every employee, from top to bottom, has a full range of tasks and priorities that must be completed.  Delegation allows one to be more productive, freeing up time to perform those essential managerial tasks, such as strategic planning, control, monitoring and training.  Allowing someone else to handle the more mundane tasks gives you both time and flexibility.  Frequent delegation also allows your staff to feel more confident, empowered and able to perform their day-to-day tasks.
Employees that feel trusted, involved and empowered tend to be happier and more productive – delegation increases morale through the process of building confidence.  As people learn to be more effective, they feel accomplished, needed and relieved.  The sense of accomplishment that workers feel because of delegated trust motivates them to work harder, because they feel rewarded personally.  Most employees relish the increased responsibility given to them when assigned to new tasks.  They won’t grow and develop as well without new opportunities and learning experiences provided by effective delegation.
Cross-Training and New Skills
In addition to the benefit of your own better use of time, delegation allows for employee development through cross-training and the learning of new skills.  Workers that have to resign themselves to performing the same task time after time, day after day, with no variety or flexibility, will soon become bored and complacent.  A person needs the opportunity to build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses.  Next time, What do you delegate?      ...lead on!

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