Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you listening?

We often speak of the value of communication and leave out half the skill...listening.  Listening to understand and empathize is just as important as the ability to get a thought from brain to mouth.  

When we pay attention to someone, several things occur.
  1. we validate them as a human being, someone with something to say
  2. we show interest in them, and in the subject they speak of
  3. we learn from them
  4. we are involved with them in a common purpose.

Listening builds relationships, solves problems, resolves conflicts, makes us better leaders.  
Do this:
Desire- to listen to the other person
Interest- show interest in them, their point of view
Self-Discipline- put aside the distractions, personal baggage and other priorities, and
Concentrate on them.

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