Monday, January 6, 2014

Are all employees the same?

Nay, nay!  Employee attitudes, skills, and work ethics vary, but most fall in one of three categories: 
1. Over achievers. 5 - 10% of the workforce are usually those that are internally driven- they'll run over you to do their job. If they need help, they'll ask, if they need resources, they'll find them, if they need training, they'll get it. You can trust them to get the job done. Unfortunately, what we do is overload them, letting them be the 'go-to's', and burning them out, or moving them to category 2. 
2. High Maintenance. 10 - 20% of most workforces are those that are very new, so somewhat confused, burned out because they've lost passion for the job, lost...because they are, or just not any good. This group will take 40 - 60% of your management time. 
3. the Rest. The balance of the group are those individuals that you can depend on. They are always there, on time, working. You trust them. They are the core of the force. Yet, because the other groups need 70 - 80% of your time, they get left out, ignored, left alone when they need coaching, mentoring, supporting, connecting. 

 You must make adequate time for every employee - they all have their specific needs - if you want a cohesive, successful, effective team. Manage your time well, delegate well, stay aware.

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