Monday, December 2, 2013

Team vs. Individual Accountability

We know that building and leading teams of people is what causes companies to be successful.  How we do that is sometimes very difficult.  I recently saw an example of a manager trying to manage a situation by addressing the issue inappropriately with the whole team, instead of the violators.  

Fifty or so employees in a warehouse situation, with assigned break times.  A small percentage of the group was taking advantage of the times, leaving early and returning late, as some will.  In the morning meeting, the manager shouts to the group, "we know you are leaving early and returning late from breaks, so just know that we can tell."  

How do the 80% that are responsible, leaving and returning on time, feel about being 'lumped in' with the offenders?  Won't this affect morale?  If the group is addressed as if they are all violators, how many will feel that if they are considered wrong, they'll just be wrong?  By monitoring activity, then addressing only the employees breaking the rules, accountability is supported, and enhanced.  Then, anyone thinking about taking 'wrong steps' will think twice, knowing they'll be confronted.  And, what if we then also took the time to tell the group that follows protocol that we appreciate their compliance? -...They'll work even harder to be great.

Think about it...

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